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Give Your Bathroom A Face lift With New Cladding

Modern bathroom design does not need to be extremely expensive, or complex. If your restroom furniture in still in great condition, and is relatively new, your restroom might just need a fresh coat of paint and some brand new devices.

However, if the walls and ceiling have suffered years of damage from steam and mould, simply adding yet another coat of paint won’t address the problem. It’ll simply cover it up ready for the future. In the beginning, it might appear  Bathroom to be a big job to change the walls of your restroom.

Removing and altering tiles, causes a considerable amount of mess and dust. Changing old tiles for brand-new ones, will be pricey too, since it’s not simply the tiles that will make a hole in your pocket. Unless you used to be a professional tile fitter, you’d need to fork out for a seasoned builder to install them correctly too. Cutting tiles accurately is a highly experienced craft, especially to fit them nicely around pipelines and shower fittings. An alternative option to eliminating tiles, and to give your restroom a completely fresh new look, is to choose bathroom Cladding From Bathroom Marquee. Sheets of waterproof PVC can be connected to your bathroom walls rapidly and easily. They can even be fitted directly over existing tiles producing an entirely clean new look.

PVC restroom claddings are available in an excellent choice of colours and patterns. From marbleized colours to  Bathroom sparkling brushed steel, the design possibilities are limitless. And when you’ve addressed your wall problems, you can even have PVC cladding fitted to your ceilings, it is the best solution if you want to embed spotlights too. Quick and an easy restroom decoration updates are easy to do using other additions too. By replacing your mouldy old shower curtain, for a glittery new one, or exchanging your old toilet seat for a funky, vibrant design to make your restroom a more peaceful and refreshing fun location to be.…